Anti-Trafficking Working Group

We believe that the unspeakable suffering experienced by women, men and children, who are trafficked for domestic servitude and sexual slavery and any other type of inhuman bondage, will be alleviated as more and more persons of good will become aware of and educated about this 21st century global sin. We provide our respective communities with resources and tools to work against human trafficking.


In the spirit of the Congress on Consecrated Life (2004), the Working Group Against Trafficking in Women and Children, acts on “the care we have for one another that leads us to engage with the pain and suffering of our world with all its peoples and all of creation.” The JPIC Commission is committed to bring to this partnership its special skills in education of the public through publications and public meetings, sharing its experience through the formation of field workers, and through pastoral care and rehabilitation of the victims.


  • To educate ourselves as a group on human trafficking and, if possible, to have hands-on experience with women who have been trafficked.

  • To facilitate awareness-raising, information sharing, network building and encouraging action at pastoral and structural level (e.g. networking with NGO’s) in work against human trafficking and, where possible, on congregational level.

  • To provide education through materials and as far as possible, to facilitate and promote counselling and reintegration programmes from the perspective of prevention as well as to offer direct assistance, especially to women victims/survivors of trafficking.