What is our mission?

The Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Commission has its roots in the Pastoral Constitution, Gaudium et Spes: “The Council...regards it as most opportune that an organism of the universal Church be set up in order that both the justice and love of Christ toward the poor might be developed everywhere.” (1965, n. 90) The Synod of Bishops on Justice in the World also declared that “Action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world fully appear to us...as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel. (1971, n. 6)


In 1982, the Commission was  jointly established by the USG-UISG. The Commission serves the USG and the UISG, both as Unions and, each according to its own charism, as individual member-generalates, to arrive at a greater awareness, clearer analysis and more effective action in matters of justice, peace and integrity of creation. Its preferential option is for the poor. It values collaboration and sharing, participation and communication, and it is committed to continual learning through observing, reflecting, acting.

In fulfilling its mission, the commission performs the following functions as they relate to matters concerning justice, peace and integrity of creation:

  • analyzing issues and challenges, and disseminating information to the USG/UISG and its members and the larger public;

  • providing resources and opportunities for initial and ongoing formation;

  • promoting dialogue and solidarity among religious congregations and others throughout the world in support of valid JPIC concerns;

  • facilitating mutual sharing and assistance among the generalates;

  • serving as a channel for the voices of the poor and oppressed around the world to the generalates and other organisations;

  • encouraging networking among religious institutes, non-governmental organizations and other entities;

  • supporting advocacy and corporate action by the USG/USIG and individual member institutions.